The Ages of Hip Hop: Hip Hop Is Not Dead, Just In Its Dark Ages

I was laying in mattress thinkin about a way to describe what I see with regards to hip hop… The excellent manner and the shortest would be to describe it in terms of ages.

As a young youngster in 1979 I do not forget¬† ¬†mixtape downloads looking at all of the exceptional albums human beings had of their houses, at that time white parents and black parents had wide variety of tastes. Of route there have been many crossovers and my satisfactory pal’s dad changed into a large Marley fan, but this is some other story. I simply understand that I started seeing the same organizations in homes. So without mentioning Sugar Hill Gang an excessive amount of… Their crazy searching album also had a few music that caught my younger ears.

Time moved, raps started hitting the black radio stations and by the time I had doubled in age I was in New Orleans, LA touring my uncle Tyrone after I noticed his series particularly L.L.Cool J’s radio… Radios had been the bomb and on the age of 13 I ought to most effective come up with the money for the swap meet type from King’s Center in Seattle. By this time I become trying to interrupt dance my butt off and some years later offered my first tape with my very own hard earned cash… EPMD Strictly Business… Searching again I can see wherein my tune pastimes inspired my world.

Hip Hop became nonetheless in an early stage, I recall black folks that swore it become satan track and this become earlier than the Parental labels thrown on them. But it turned into getting larger, MTV,VH-1 and different indicates were blowing up. By the time I had grabbed a mic there in which dozens of public get admission to hip hop indicates throughout the u . S . A ..

I don’t forget up until this time the Golden Age.

The late 80’s and ninety’s turned into a experience. At the identical time crack cocaine changed into spreading across the state, a robust black pleasure movement turned into being reborn. 5% Nations and testimonies of Stolen Legacies hit many hoods via rugged beats. But on the equal time there was reality in the songs of the streets. Some humans could by no means even realize the quantity of black on black crime and the situations in internal-town with out many gangsta-rap artists… Yes superb cats have been on it..But simplest fantastic minded hood descendants and different cultures who have been taking college lessons on Black Culture. It had its region and to be sincere, a number of the beats and flows were on factor regardless of the content material.

The turning factor as I see it came with the Official Labels Endorsed East vs. West. That turned into horrible. I bear in mind human beings trying to get me to choose sides! I listened to hip hop song… Length. With my expertise on the time, after spending years inside the clink… Become this changed into just another divide and conquer tactic by way of the effective to govern a effective medium that become rooted in their ex-slaves lifestyle(fyi: House “N”s nonetheless exist, in truth they were stored from extinction for the duration of the Dark Ages of Hip Hop).

The Dark Ages:

Defined by Wikki wiki P: “the idea of a duration of intellectual darkness and financial regression” now earlier than I get hit with emails and such… Yes I are aware of it’s a little out of context however I take it out of its personal to create the context here… (if your head is swimming you need to study more).

So..Sure there are nevertheless outstanding MCees and Hip Hop as an entire is still here… However I have to admit I observed a decline inside the content..Dumbed right down to the bottom senses of mankind. Now it’s sincerely fun to get a little gully right here and there. If you catch me on the proper cycle I may even be part of ya for a drink and some leaves, but there may be a time and an area for the whole lot. There usually needs to be stability and just like the little OG said “There’s a disruption within the Force”.

Now we look around and proclaim Hip Hop is useless. C’mon Man… The Empire is jogging things despite the fact that we have all of the tools we need to have ALL varieties of innovative expression be unfastened. I actually have heard all kinds of track online. I actually have observed artists in Cheesehead land that spit fire! So why is anybody still not consuming? What is the deal?

There are a few human beings doing everything they are able to to help the developing indie scene, it’s in all likelihood bigger than ever. I keep in mind MP3.Com while it first launched, then came MYSPACE… Proper now my favored is Reverbnation.Com. I like RN cuz they may be an multi function useful resource for indie artists to get their song obtainable to the core lovers of tune.

So What Is Next?

A Renaissance… Meaning a rebirth.

In order to be born you have to undergo mammoth ache, you must fight for lifestyles surrounded by darkness. Against all odds each one people fought our personal battles for existence, a number of us even needed a few backup. That’s wherein hip hop and music in general is at right now… The gestation of enjoyment is lots of years vintage… Growing and growing until now. At all our fingertips, maybe much less than a foot from you right now could be one of the maximum flexible, powerful gear ever to pass mankind’s grip. What the &^%@ is an axe compared to a pc? Only hearth holds its own towards the pc. Know why? Cause if we surely put our minds to overcoming this intended death a hearth will burn in every of our spirits.

When we come together as a species special things show up. Floods(minus Katrina of direction),fires, and other herbal failures creates opportunities for ordinary people to step out in their international and into the lifestyles of another person for only a second. But, song… Particularly hip hop music… Has a way of getting into souls and shining there. So when you listen to a person’s music it is like a portray for the soul, meals for the soul, and a moment for the soul to develop and nourish who we had been, are, and are getting. I simplest cross this deep for one purpose… We need to actually come together and assist the brand new industry of artists working with companions online that empower us. Yes I said us on motive… See our musicians are us, and we’re more than one fashion of music just like we aren’t one form of people.

You can best do what you could do, but if all you could do is bitch approximately situations with out corresponding actions to exchange things then you have more to fear approximately in life than musical developments. But if however you do sense like doing something… Go browsing and search for new track that no person else has heard of yet, visit a local song display as a minimum once a 12 months!!!! Buy music from indie artists as a show of help. If you are a musician, learn your craft and honor it like a job, this day and age when you have 10,000 dependable fanatics you can make a first rate residing so long as you can hold to create tune for them, and if the time comes to alternate paths achieve this with the same passion that added you to music.

Me… I have located what I can do, it is no longer the entire solution, but it’s a strong idea. I would really like to help solidify a genre, they’re known as Independent Hip Hop Musicians and they span the globe. Our challenge is just one in all many, guide us, help a person near domestic… Whatever you do, it is our Fire inside with the intention to pull us out of this darkness that goes some distance past song and into the psyche of our international today…